Arya Cancer Institute & Research Center

Financially Supported By Om Shri Siddhi Vinayak Foundation

Other Facilities

  • Basera :
  • A residential facility with five star like atmosphere, security and environment for the the attenders of carcinoma victims because the stay and retiring troubles are the biggest challenges for the attenders. It shall be facilated with CANTEEN, MEDICAL STORE, GARDEN, LIFT and much more.

  • Security Systems:
  • The campus ACI shall be covered with more than 180 Night Vision Cameras for the security purpose. It will also help to protect unnecessary nocence against old age people, females and kids. If something unfortunately takes place then a bold step shall be taken by the securities and marshals. Every entry and exit shall be highly covered with all sort of security purposes.

  • Dharmsthal:
  • Their shall be an specific place with all type of facilities where anyone shall be permitted for prayers according to his/her religion.

  • Doctors Residency:
  • There shall be 24 hours availability of the doctors and Para medical team in the campus of ACI. All Specific doctors, junior doctors, EMO and Para Medical Staff shall be residing there for the purpose and mission to serve humanity....

  • Police Booth:
  • There shall be at least 36 CRPF Police Men and more than 60 PRD Guards to sort the traffic, violence, nonsence, security challenges.

Secretaries Message

Pratapgarh has a glorious prehistoric and historic past. It was through this place that Lord Rama went to the forest on exile. It is here that Yudhishthir and other Pandavas faced Yaksha in the shape of a python. The place also had a role in Kakori episode.

Full Message

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