Arya Blood Bank (ABB)

Financially Supported By Om Shri Siddhi Vinayak Foundation

Arya Blood Bank

    Actually Pratapgarh is still in a hot water of medical services. Not only this there is a huge gap of information and knowledge regarding blood donation. Not only illiterates even the the educated society fears to donate blood, several negative thoughts strike in their mind like....

  • If they will donate then how they will recover?
  • They will become weak.
  • They can be in trouble.

Even they do not donate to their family members or relatives. The population of Pratapgarh is approximately 35 lacs and on this huge population there is a single blood bank established in Dist Hospital Campus, which is good for nothing and of course the capability is hardly 1% of the demand. Where the matter is concern about ARYA HOSPITAL or Arya Cancer Institute & Research Center & Research Center no doubt the blood bank shall be on priority because any trauma or life saving surgery can't be met out positively without blood bank, hence ARYA BLOOD BANK is planned with latest equipments, pathology, facilities and of course availability to short out the blood demands and death ratio especially in lake of blood transfusions.

Through ARYA BLOOD BANK, OM SHRI SIDDHI VINAYAK FOUNDATION shall arrange several camps for the awareness in favor to donate blood and share information. Our motto is to serve humanity that's why there shall be full concentration on awareness campaigns...

  1. Arya Cancer Institute & Research Center (ACI)
  2. Arya Hospital
  3. Arya Diagnostic Centre (ADC)
  4. Arya Para Medical College (APMC)
  5. Arya Blood Bank (ABB)
  6. Arya Residency (BASERA)

Secretaries Message

Pratapgarh has a glorious prehistoric and historic past. It was through this place that Lord Rama went to the forest on exile. It is here that Yudhishthir and other Pandavas faced Yaksha in the shape of a python. The place also had a role in Kakori episode.

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