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Get Involved with Us - An Appeal

The founder of Om Shri Siddhi Vinayak Foundation, Ravi Mohan Ojha, has suffered a lot in his life because of lack of medical facilities in Pratapgarh.

Ojha first lost his mother in the year 1980. Then a few years ago he lost his daughter, who was born with dorso-lumbo-sacral spinal bifida aperda and myelomenigocele, a disease from womb in which backbone comes out of body. In 2010, his father fell victim of mouth and throat cancer. These three incidents have shaken him like anything and he decided to do for the populace of Pratapgarh and neighbouring areas something so that these people do not have to suffer like him.

These three sad incidents in his life took place because of lack of adequate medical care facilities in Pratapgarh, or neighbourhood. He decided to start a multi-speciality hospital - Arya Hospital. When completed this hospital will provide cost effective health services to all the people, ensuring that poor people also access top class health services and no one suffers in his life as he suffered.

But providing health services is just one aspect of the foundation. Its scope is much beyond this - it will address social, educational and economic aspects of poor and deprived people. For further details, please click here.

We appeal to the ordinary citizens, important persons, public personalities, leaders, actors, businessmen and industrialists alike to become part of this pious volition. We exhort you all to generously contribute to this gigantic task in the interest of deprived people and nation building. We will welcome any contribution and donation from you. We are sure that by curtailing just some 'extra' unproductive expenses you can do it.

Your can send your contribution through cheque or demand draft in favour of Om Shri Siddhi Vinayak Foundation, payable at Allahabad, at our registered address. Alternatively you can deposit your cheque in any branch of State Bank of India all over country, or you can make online transfer of funds from your bank account. Our bank account details are:

Bank Name: HDFC Bank
Bank Branch Address:Bhomishree Complex-3 Kutcherry Road,Civil Lines,Pratapgarh-230001,UP
Account Name: Om Shri Siddhi Vinayak Foundation
Account No. 50200020863964
IFS Code: HDFC0001915

To get associated with us, please get in touch with us using contact form, or just ring us. You will soon hear from us.