Our Trustees

Mrs Mamta Tiwari, President

Resident of Prayag, Allahabad, Mrs Mamta Tiwari is a lady with a heart full of love for everyone, may be even for her enemies. She has strong feeling of peace, success, achievements and happiness for all the human beings. People around her feel secure and safe. Probably the universe is going well due to such legends.


Mr Ravi Mohan Ojha, Secretary

An idealistic personality for new generation and one man army. He is senior MD of ACPL, MD of Arya Cancer Institute & Research Center, MD of Arya Hospital and Secretary of OSSV Foundation.

Mr Ojha was born in a landlord family. His father was a leading practitioner of law having a great influence in politics. Even then Mr Ojha faced many ups and downs, including economic crisis and hunger. But still he has no dreams for his own, he always thinks for humanity and nation. He is a self made man with a number of positive creations in various fields. That�s why many people call him THE CREATOR.


Mrs Pratibha Ojha, Cashier

An iron lady with positive thoughts, soft heart, hard working, ideal, struggler, ever ready for social activities. She is an interesting personality, with jolly nature. The entire credit of success of ACPL and Mr Ravi Mohan Ojha (Sr MD, ACPL) goes to her alone.

Even after having undergone three major and one minor surgeries, she never stops. She is very close to poor and poverty. She has vast experience of micro rural and urban areas.


Mr Rajendra Kumar Shukla, Auditor

Residing in Pratapgarh, Mr Rajendra Kumar Shukla is a giant personality with a shy nature. He is a struggler who faced many injustices in life. He is full of ideas as to how he can serve the humanity.

Ms Arushi Sharan Tiwari, Spokesperson

Resident of Prayag, Allahabad, Ms Arushi Sharan Tiwari has ambition to see the ultimate truths of world with the eyes of realism. She has many dreams for the nation and wants to specialise in the service of the handicapped.


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